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Beautiful White Sand Beaches in Panama Beach City

If the ideal vacation day for you involves swimming in the ocean, playing in the sand and soaking up the sun, then we’ve got the perfect place for all your leisure. Panama Beach City offers numerous beautiful white sand beaches. Often considered the ultimate destination for the most beautiful public beaches in America, Panama Beach City spans around hundreds of miles of gentle jade waters and dazzling white sands. Moreover, the calm waves of the Gulf offer the perfect atmosphere and environment for wave hopping as well as casual surfing. Bask under the Florida Sun and enjoy your time doing anything from deep sea fishing, kayaking, parasailing, scuba diving snorkeling, or just lounging on the sugary soft sand of the beaches. Pack up your beach attire, switch off the laptop, and brace yourself for a relaxing day of soaking in some Vitamin D! Here is our list of the top 4 beaches in Panama Beach City:


ST. ANDREWS STATE PARK is one of the most aesthetically striking beaches in Panama City. Its pristine coastline and snowy white sand coupled with the translucent blue-green water of the ocean makes it an excellent destination for a leisure day out. ST. ANDREWS STATE PARK has been subdivided into two different portions; a smaller beach with shallow and calm waters that is perfect for snorkeling, and one with the main coastline that is open to the Gulf. You can enjoy a range of activities from kayaking to fishing to taking the shuttle boat the Shell Island nearby.



Rosemary Beach lies only around 15 miles from PCB and is just one of the peacudlf and secluded beaches that you’ve been looking for. The charming seaside town and the unspoiled sand of Rosemary Beach. This beach has placed a special value on making sure to preserve the crystal-clear waters of the ocean, the indigenous plants and the beautiful dunes. The result is a beautiful and unexplored paradise and the perfect destination for you to have a relaxing and memorable day. Have a good time collecting seashells, and strolling along the white sand as the tides lap at your foot.

Panama City Beach


Carillon Beach lies around just 15 miles west of Panama City Beach and offers the viditos a charming community and isolated, beautiful beaches that have been relatively unexplored. If you’re seeking a relief day from the hassle of urban life, this is the place you want to be. The serene and smooth shorelines of Carillon Beach is the ideal place to mediate and discover peace and tranquility. The translucent waters of the ocean and the tides make for a range of activities to enjoy from surfing, swimming, snorkeling and sailing!



This is perhaps one of the most beautiful beach in all of America and consists of around 25 miles of stunning snowy-white sands and crystal-clear water. It offers a serene and peaceful atmosphere and the perfect environment for anything from deep sea fishing, kayaking, parasailing and scuba diving.


Dining & Fresh Gulf Seafood in Panama City Beach

Come dine with us at Panama Beach City

Dining in Panama City Beach is always a cherishable and memorable experience. The restaurants in Panama City Beach adhere to a simple 3 rules formula – casual atmosphere, friendly service and delicious food! While PCB will have you occupied sight seeing and enjoying other activities all day, when it’s time to relax and have some food, you are going to have plenty of amazing options. After a long day in the shops or in the water, sit back and delve into some open air dining with the most delicious seafood you’re ever going to have.

Voted #5 Best by Boat Restaurants in Panama City Beach, FL. Grand Lagoon offers many wonderful places to eat right at your fingertips including, Capt. Anderson’s Restaurant, Off The Hook Bar and Grill, Dockside Seafood and Oyster House, The Grand Marlin of Panama City Beach, Runaway Bay Seafood Restaurant, and Pelicans Bar & Grill

You might be excited to know that Panama City Beach has often been called the Seafood Capital of The World. And not without reason! Panama City Beach offers truly the finest fresh Gulf seafood you’ll find in all of America. From the Cajun crawfish to the Gulf shrimp, all the way to the blackened Amberjack – there’s just too many options for you to try in just one visit. The following is our list of the top 4 destinations for seafood dining in Panama City Beach:

Salty Sue’s

Salty Sue’s is the perfect destination for your seafood indulgence. The restaurant might be well known for their seafood but also whip up the most delicious barbecue food in town. From the delicious oysters to the barbecue nachos to the pork sandwich – you’re in for a treat that spans all cuisines at Salty Sue’s! The Shrimp Sue dish is the famous Salty Sue specialty. The fish tacos are another delicious dish on the menu. Beside all the delicious food, Salty Sue also offers a great atmosphere and reasonably priced items on their menu. Try it all out for yourself!
For over five years, Salty Sue’s has been the place for the people of Panama City to grab a refreshing brew, relax on our outside deck or listen to live music.
At Salty Sue they always guarantee a fun time. The restaurant is stocked with a dining area, a side inside and outside bar, pool table and delicious food.

Saltwater Grill

This Seafood Restaurant offers a high quality service and truly fantastic food. It also happens to be a great spot for a romantic dinner on the beach. Enjoy some delicious Mexican oysters as your listen to some live classic piano in the background.If you’re done with oysters, order some live lobster. The crab meat with sauce is also a Saltwater Grill specialty. With so many options on the table (literally!) there’s little chance you’re not going to have an amazing time dining in Saltwater Grill.

Saltwater Grill provides a relaxing, casual atmosphere designed to heighten the enjoyment of the customers’ dining experience.
Saltwater Grill
Most of our tables have entertaining views of a 25,000 gallon aquarium filled with dozens of exotic fish.

Beachside Deli at the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort

If you’re looking for delicious food with your feet in the sand and a stunning view of the beach all together – Beachside Deli is the perfect place to have your indulgence. Beachside Deli offers a full traditional menu consisting of seafood as well as American cuisine (hot dogs, hamburgers, wraps and salads etc.) All the food is prepared fresh and delicious. It’s also charged reasonably and served with a high quality service. What’s not to love about the beautifully located Beachside Deli!

Beachside Deli at the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort panama city beach
Dine right on the beach, or simply enjoy the spectacular panoramic views from the landscaped back deck. The cool tropical breeze feels fantastic as you read the extensive menu, while you are shaded by palm trees.
Sandpiper Grill
The Surfside Grill also offers lots of delicious options hot off the grill. From hot dogs, juicy burgers, and yummy patty melts to grilled chicken/steak sandwiches – Sometimes you just can’t beat that flame-grilled taste!

Mike’s Cafe & Oyster Bar

Mike’s Cafe & Oyster Bar offers delicious and fresh food that spans from baked oysters to scallops to shrimp and grouper. The atmosphere is amazing the service is of high quality. The Oyster Bar is open for dinner and lunch. Mike’s Cafe & Oyster Bar will have you coming back for sure!

Mike’s Diner was opened in 1986 with a commitment to providing friendly service and the best quality food. From 2011 called Mike’s Cafe & Oyster Bar
Mike's Cafe and Oyster Bar
Come by Mike’s Cafe & Oyster Bar and try the baked oysters. Choose from a variety of flavors… Mexican, Parmesaen, PCB Baked, Cheddar & Bacon and much more!

Championship golf courses

5 Championship golf courses

Panama City Beach offers a range of world-class championship golf courses. It has been rated amongst one of America’s top golf towns. The wide open fairways, the dazzling green and the towering pine forests – Panama Beach City is an ideal golf destination for a memorable experience. The following is a list of the 5 most popular Championship Golf Courses at Panama Beach City.

hombre golf club
bay point golf

1. Hombre Golf Club

Hombre Golf Club is a Panama City favorite. It offers 27 championship holes, 3 different gold courses and 18 hole options. You also have on board a top-class driving range and practice facility. You’ll also find state-of-the-art analysis videos and a reputable Academy that provides first-class instructions. Visit the pro shop and delve yourself in a sumptuous burger, or have a meal at the Siesta Bar & Grill. You’re about to have a memorable time Hombre Golf Club!

2. Bay Point Resort Golf Club

Bay Point Resort Golf Club overlooks the Grand Lagoon and is surrounded by salt water marshals, towering trees and scrub oaks. It hosts 2 vast championship courses whether you’re a seasoned player or a novice, you’re about to have a great game at the classic Meadows Course. Make sure to mark the end of your game with an amazing meal at Club 19. Bay Point Resort Golf Club is truly one of the best available golf experiences you will get to enjoy in PCB.

holiday golf club
Signal Hill Golf Course

3. Holiday Golf Club

Holiday Golf Club offers a classic southern hospitality t the very centre of Panama Beach City. It underwent a huge refurbish in 2015, and now offers an 18 hole Championship Course, 9-hole lighted par 3 course. Whether you’re a novice or a professional, Holiday Golf Club has a memorable experience to offer. The environment is perfectly conductive to a great golfing experience throughout the year. The pro shop is fully stocked to cater to any of your demands. The layout is challenging and perfect for a fun family experience.

4. Signal Hill Golf Course

Signal Hill Golf Course is the oldest course at Panama City Beach. It offers a natural splendor, charm and comes with a rich history. It offers precise fairways situated in the midst of picturesque and beautiful scenery. The pro shop on site will cater to all your golfing needs, and the snack bar is the ideal stop for a memorable lunch or breakfast. Signal Hill Golf Course is truly a little part of heaven situated at the centre of Panama Beach City.

Camp Creek Golf Club

5. Camp Creek Golf Club

Camp Creek Golf Club has been acknowledged as one of Florida’s best Gold Course. It a challenging yet fun 19-hole championship course and has something to offer for players of all kinds – amateurs and seasoned alike. The design is stunning in terms of aesthetics and complemented by golden ponds and wonderful wetlands. The elevation gives a picturesque view, and the dune-scape appearance is unique and beautiful.  Camp Creek Golf Club is just the sand and water Golfing experience you’d always been waiting for!

Nightlife with good food and live entertainment


Why You Should Be At Panama City Beach!

If clubbing and partying is what you’re into, you are about to have a great time at Panama City Beach. You can go to any of the numerous nightclubs, one of them being the biggest in all of the United States. The beaches sport two gigantic nightspots. Get in your dancing shoes and get your jush at some of the best dance floors in the whole country! Make some lifelong friends in this party heaven, and get to meet them at the same spot every year.


There’s still much more to Panama City Beach then just partying. You can choose to pick a place to relax, or chill and hang out with your friends. And if you have a little more time on your hands, try a little bit of everything! Here’s what’s assured – Panama City will not disappoint you. Watch the picturesque sunset from under your blanket on the beach. Then take your kids to a go-cart track or have some fun at Pirate’s Island, a miniature golf course.

If you’re out here alone, the famous Spinnaker, or Club La Vela are the places to be for some dancing and live music. Club La Vela hosts thousands of people every night, and is the largest nightclub in the US! It consists of a stage area, an outdoor pool and a club room that features a DJ and a live band.

The Paradise Grill Restaurant
Beachfront Dining at It’s Best!
The Paradise Grill Restaurant Beachfront Dining at It’s Best!
Spinnaker Beach Club and Paradise Grill
Spinnaker Beach Club and Paradise Grill

Try out some of the most amazing food you’ll ever have at one of the restaurants. If you want some peace and a cocktail post-dinner, several of the restaurants offer lounges that are open till late and will be graced by a live guitarist or pianist who will be playing throughout the night.

If you’re out to have fun with your friends, or just want a drink in a non-club atmosphere, Rock’it Lanes is the place to be! It is a bowling alley that also consists of a mega arcade with plenty of game options, a sports bar, a rollerskate rink and pool tables! This is also the place you want to be if you’re looking to have a good time with your family.

Last Local’s Christmas Party and Toy Drive at Schooners Beach Club
a family friendly event complete with a Santa house and photo opportunities with Ol' St. Nick, himself.
A family friendly event with a Santa house and photo opportunities with Ol’ St. Nick.

No matter what you’re into, you are about to make some amazing memories. Panama City Beach is buzzing with life, no matter what time. There are so many things to do here during the day, but the night life does not disappoint by any means either. The nightclubs and the bars are packed and full. As the sun goes down, you will hear the music pouring off the speakers, and it is time for you to turn it UP! You do not just have to be a party animal to enjoy your time at Panama City Beach, however. The live entertainment, the good food and the myriad other nighttime options you have at Panama City Beach will ensure that you have a memorable time, regardless of your inclination!